Il primo moto dell’immobile for Triennale Teatro Milano

Tuesday, November 3rd, as part of the festival FOG Performing Arts Vol.2, Triennale Teatro is presenting Il primo moto dell’immobile, a documentary film directed by Sebastiano D’Ayala Valva on the visionary composer Giacinto Scelsi (1905–1988). Curated by Fantom, the online screening will be introduced at 8 pm with a conversation between the director and Fantom’s Massimo Torrigiani. Based…

Libri Belli for Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai, Triennale Milano

Between January and February 2020, Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai continued with a cycle of talks led by Livia Satriano, founder and curator of the platform Libri Belli. The initiative saw the participation of Milan-based designer Giulio Iacchetti, and the collectives Studiopepe and The Ladies’ Room, invited to present to the public the most inspirational and…

Fantom for Photo Vogue Festival 2016, Milan

Vogue Italia celebrates the bond between fashion and photography with Photo Vogue Festival, an international event entirely dedicated to fashion photography that will take place in Milan from 22nd to 26th of November 2016.

Selva Barni for Angelo Azzurro Onlus, Rome: Uno sguardo nuovo

Presented by the Associazione socio-sanitaria Angelo Azzurro Onlus, with the support of Fondazione Vodafone Italia. From a project by Giovanni Calemma and Cristina Nuñez Exhibition. Curated by Selva Barni. Opening on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at 7 pm; Radisson Blu es. Hotel Via Turati 171, Rome.   

Vapensiero, Maurizio Anzeri at miart 2015, Milan

The 2015 edition of miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art was the second occasion of collaboration between Fantom and Marsèll at the fair. We presented Vapensiero, a site-specific mobile sculpture by London-based Italian artist Maurizio Anzeri.

Fantom at miart 2015

Please visit us at our booth in the Institutions, Associations and Foundations area.  We are happy to announce our participation to the upcoming edition of miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art, which will take place in Milan from April 9th to 12th. As a result of our collaboration with Marsèll – for the second…

Vanishing point, Batia Suter at miart 2014, Milan

We are happy to announce our participation to Miart – International Fair of Modern and Contemporary Art, which will take place in Milan from March 28th to 30th. As a result of our collaboration with Marsèlleria‚ a multidisciplinary exhibition space in Milan‚ we present Vanishing point, the site-specific installation created by Amsterdam-based artist Batia Suter.

The Sea Series in collaboration with La Mer, Miami

As Featured in Fantom Issue 05, Autumn 2010. The oceans demand our visual attention and also our awareness. This curatorial section – supported by La Mer – features a selection of photographs from across the globe. The series includes existing and commissioned work by international artists – all with an eye to appreciate, assess, absorb,…