Radio Raheem for Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai, Triennale Milano

In January 2020, we invited the Milan-based independent web radio Radio Raheem to move in the main hall of Triennale Milano and broadcast a new series of contents created exclusively for our interdisciplinary project Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai.

In the course of the two-month residency, Italian and international musicians and contributors were hosted in Triennale to animate the radio booth with music performances, videos, talks and interviews. Among these, a fascinating conversation between British composer Matthew Herbert and Fantom’s Massimo Torrigiani. Each episode was developed in collaboration with the artists, and presented live from the Triennale recording room. The full programme is available on

Radio Raheem is an independent web radio, a physical space, a people connector, a tank of ideas and a creator of culture. Quality, credibility and variety of content are its strengths. It selects and streams daily radio programs featuring Italian and international guests. Since its foundation in 2017, it is dedicated to curious listeners who want to explore and learn more about the world.

Triennale Milano - foto Gianluca Di Ioia

Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai is the interdisciplinary programme of installations, exhibitions, performances, screenings, workshops and projects curated by Fantom and Davide Giannella for Triennale Milano, under the artistic direction of Umberto Angelini, and coordinated for Fantom by Selva Barni and Benedetta Pomini. 

Radio Raheem 
Curated by Fantom for Parla Ascolta Guarda Fai
Artistic Direction: Umberto Angelini 
Curated by Davide Giannella and Massimo Torrigiani/Fantom
15th January - 6th March 2020  
Triennale Milano