Picture Perfect in Viasaterna, Milan

VIASATERNA is a new gallery promoting contemporary art by means of exhibitions, projects and public events. The gallery is closely tied to Milan’s cultural context, but it is at the same time oriented towards the new international art world.

Its name suggests its origins: Via Saterna is an imaginary street described by Dino Buzzati in one of his graphic novels, Poema a Fumetti (published in 1969 by Arnoldo Mondadori). The Milan Buzzati describes is a city in which dream and reality are combined in a tapestry of people, destinies, lives, imagination and fears.

“In Via Saterna, in the old city, there is a villa with a large garden that looks like it was abandoned for years. But from the city you can only see the surrounding walls and the rooftop of the gatehouse…”. Irene Crocco was inspired by this magical and mysterious location in creating a gallery that, through art, becomes a crossroads of reality and imagination.

Starting the exhibition programme that Fantom was assign to curate for the first two years, Picture Perfect is a group show with 11 international artists, some of whom were never exhibited in Italy before. The exhibition presents a selection of works by artists inspired or influenced by the language of photography, in consideration of the viral development of a medium that influences not only other areas of art but society as a whole.

None of the artists on show are photographers, but in developing their work they all take something from the technique, grammar and aesthetics of photography. Thus, the show is based on an examination of a medium, but it results is a combination of different media: painting, drawing, video, sculpture, installation. Picture Perfect represents both a celebration of a technique, and the declaration of a failure: the history of photography is marked by its constant striving for independence, but the exponential growth of its use and applications has made this objective “impossible”.

After all, the development of photography is based on the principle of contamination. Like that of a virus, one that Picture Perfect isolates, studies and returns into circulation.


The show presents works by Hans Peter Feldmann, Joe Hamilton, Anna Kristensen, Mario Milizia, Taisuke Mohri, Macoto Murayama, Shuichi Nakano, Wieland Payer, Annalisa Pintucci, Wang Qiang, Lorenzo Vitturi.


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