2016 – Sulla nuova fotografia italiana in Viasaterna, Milan

We are happy to announce 2016 – Sulla nuova fotografia italiana (On New Italian Photography), a group exhibition curated by Fantom for Viasaterna, opening on Tuesday, June 7 at 6 pm.

Featuring works by Alessandro Calabrese, Federico Clavarino, Martina Corà, Bea De Giacomo, Teresa Giannico, Delfino Sisto Legnani, Allegra Martin, Vittoria Mentasti, Domingo Milella, Francesco Nazardo, Alessandro Sambini, Lele Saveri and The Cool Couple, the show is an initial reconnaissance undertaken with gallery Viasaterna on the contemporary Italian photography scene, of which it captures the great vitality through the work of 13 artists chosen on the basis of their originality and of the heterogeneity of their research paths. All born post-1980, the artists in 2016 have also been chosen on the basis of their proximity to our research trajectories over the years.

The exhibition is accompanied by a selection of publications from recently founded publishing houses, largely independent, both from Italy and abroad. A fundamental contribution to the spread of work by Italian artists internationally, to their aggregation and the renewal of a whole system, Publishing is the 14th author of this show, the driving force behind the establishment of photography – of Italian photography in particular – thanks to its capillary and accessible nature.

2016 – On New Italian Photography does not acknowledge or promote a specific line of research. There is no school. No recurring theme. No common style. On the contrary, it is in the very lack of a macroscopic shared principle – in terms of its positive fragmentation – that it identifies the distinctive characteristic and richness of a unique and dynamic scenario.

There is no shortage of pure photography, with the landscapes of Domingo Milella, majestic interrogatives on human’s relationship with history and with the environment we inhabit, and both rigorous and luminous architectural views by Allegra Martin. Others reappraise, manipulate, transform and hybridise some of the typical codes of photography: Francesco Nazardo and Bea De Giacomo start out from fashion photography imagery, and Delfino Sisto Legnani from that of commercial photography, grafting them onto the corpus of contemporary research; Vittoria Mentasti frees reportage from the need of an event; Lele Saveri blends together the most archetypal documentation of civil protests with the schemas of typological seriality, thereby achieving an estranging effect. Then there are works revolving around the principle of narrative: Federico Clavarino provides the spectator with all the clues necessary to organise a story within a noir-edged context; Alessandro Sambini questions the whole narrative framework of the communication system; The Cool Couple tell stories of political and civil interest in sarcastic and surreal tones. Lastly, some artists intervene on the language of photography itself, altering its relationship with reality: Alessandro Calabrese presents a sort of super-photography, partly illegible, through the overlapping of various layers of imagery; Teresa Giannico photographs cardboard environments build with other photographs, triggering an irremediable short circuit; Martina Corà draws on pre-existing images and presents them on peculiar supports, thus creating mysterious photographic objects.

2016 – On New Italian Photography features all this in a single event. Without classifications or hierarchies, but juxtaposing and combining radically diverse themes, poetics and aesthetics. The multiplication of styles, interests and points of view constitutes the characterising element of this reconnaissance. There is no contraction towards a single point, but rather expansion, dilation, breadth and multiplicity. This is what lies behind the great vivacity of photography in Italy over the last few years, which has led to numerous international awards, marking a time of great expansion.

The starting line is a noble and well-rooted tradition; the finishing line is a series of experiences that feed on both internal and external elements, ones both articulated and disarming. It’s a single flow which takes a different direction each time. Thus deviations. With tributaries and inflows. Without control. Creating a tight-knit network that holds together its visionary nature with mathematical discipline.

The publishing houses complementing the show are Automatic Books, Cesura Lab, Dalpine, Dashwood Books, Discipula, Éditions du LIC, Edition Patrick Frey, Humboldt Books, LDS Edition, NastyNasty©, Nomadic Editions, Osservatorio Fotografico, Planar, Rizzoli New York, Rorhof, Skinnerboox, Skira, Steidl and Witty Kiwi.

The exhibition – running through September 16, 2016 – is part of the programme curated by Fantom for Viasaterna, a new space for contemporary art in Milan, which just celebrated its first birthday.

2016 - On New Italian Photography 
Opening: Tuesday June 7, 2016 at 6 pm
From June 8 to September 16, 2016 
Via Leopardi 32, Milan 
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